Monday, September 30, 2013

New Mozilla Rep

Hello, it's been a while since I posted. Did you know, I was accepted in the Mozilla Rep Program? YaY, so its official. Nice, huh? So, you may be wondering, what's next for me?  The next step as a new rep will be like a "hand holding" phase.  I have been assigned a mentor, name Regnard from Canada, who will be monitoring my progress and track. Now, I will be creating local events, such as Web Maker classes for my local community.  I also will be signing up for a few specific tasks or focus committees. I will also represent Mozilla locally in my area for events and etc. I will post more information regarding my goals in details soon. But for now, I will be getting familiarize with the program and helping out on what I can.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hanging out with Foxy

I announced a few post back that, I would be helping Mozilla during the 2013 TIFF.  I arrived on Tuesday, Sept 10 and we went down to the Roy Thompson Hall on Simcoe Street. I really enjoyed interacting with others in the community on behalf of Mozilla. The people reactions  and the feedback you received is so priceless. Also, while we discuss "priceless" my motivation on helping Mozilla with their movement. I always had the heart on helping and volunteering in the community since a young boy. Did you know, I started as a YMCA coach teaching young kids on sports. What motivated me to continue to volunteer was the feeling on giving back. Here at Mozilla, I'm giving back to the community on what I really believe in our future technology. We must have an open web so the world can continue to explore on innovation and make our world a better place. Plus, when I do give back, I know, I have Foxy on my side. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Mozilla Webmaker Class

Well, I had a successful Webmaker class this past weekend in Chicago. Exciting, Adventurous and exploration was on the agenda for the class. We first learned how to explore with X-Ray Goggle. Than, we started to hack several websites with Mozilla Thimble.  Oh boy, they were thrilled how to hack on their friends twitter accounts. Hopefully, they won't hack my twitter account, LOL!   Finally, we had fun with YouTube and picking pictures and exploring with Mozilla Popcorn maker.  During my first class, I was kinda of nervous but my students were awesome.  They really loved the innovation experience that we shared together.  I really felt it was a learning and teaching experience for all of us.  I am looking forward to many more classes on a bigger scale, so I can continue to share what I learning through Webmaker. I really appreciate Mozilla and their contributors on developing this awesome product and keeping up with the awesome work.  I would be sharing more of my experiences with others, such as this past weekend in Chicago.  I would like to thank my students for allowing me to share my knowledge with them. Now, they will have the opportunity to share with others and keep it going with their friends.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards 2013

It's that time of the year for the community to vote for your favorite Linux System's.  Mozilla Firefox has been nominated for several categories. Please vote for Firefox, Firefox OS, Firefox for Android, Thunderbird and other Mozilla projects in the Linux Journal Reader's Choice Awards! Here is the LINK to place your vote. We appreciate your support for Mozilla Firefox and all Mozilla Projects. The polls close on September 22, please don't forget to place your vote.